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The Resonant Sculpture Project is a site-specific series of acoustic interactions between the live improvised music of multi-instrumentalist Avram Fefer and the sculptures of Richard Serra.


Resonant Sculpture Project

The Resonant Sculpture Project is a site-specific series of performances based on acoustic interactions between the improvisations of musician Avram Fefer and the large-scale sculptures of Richard Serra.



With instrument in hand, Avram Fefer carefully approaches and begins sonic exploration of  Serra’s immense work. The heavy steel plates reflect and resonate. The space between them creates sympathetic harmonics. The sounds reverberate in unpredictable ways. His challenge is to create compelling improvisations while moving through, eliciting sound from, and reacting to, the monumental sculpture. 

Audiences are immersed in the acoustic/sculptural space as Serra's work becomes inspiration, setting, and instrument --- interfacing with Fefer's improvisations to create original sounds in a unique experiential environment that combines the beauty of music, sculpture, and live performance in powerful new ways. 

The Resonant Sculpture Project is a long-term international series that has recently presented at the Gagosian Gallery New York,  Gagosian Gallery London, and Princeton University Art Museum.

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